Digital Innovation the New Redemption for Textile Industry
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Digital Innovation the New Redemption for Textile Industry

Sean Prouty, CIO & VP Operations, Richloom Fabrics Group
Sean Prouty, CIO & VP Operations, Richloom Fabrics Group

Sean Prouty, CIO & VP Operations, Richloom Fabrics Group

Big Data and Advanced Analytics in Textile Industry

Big data provide insights to areas of the business that are often overlooked or not identifiable. We have been able to enhance our planning and production processes, strategically reduce inventories, and better manage cash flows. And maybe the greatest offering from the incorporation of big data strategies, is the ability to turn information into product and trend development. Our sales presentations are more dynamic and fact based, and as a result, we are able to better identify our end consumer, and ultimately drive more sales.

"Our goal is not only offer to the best product, but affordable cost, best design, best supply chain, and best customer service"

The Impact of IOT in Textile Industry

It means to us an infinite resource of information. We are able to better tap into shared experiences and bring the wealth of knowledge of the industry to all employees, especially new team members not hailing from the textiles industries.

Benefits of Cloud Computing for the Textile Industry

The textile industry is still a sales intensive process overall, but having the built in resource of cloud computing narrows the gap between operations and sales. It has helped us create a better shared work experience for all employees and creates better visibility to all aspects of our business. Let’s not underscore the cost savings of having all team members working on the same platform.

Steps ahead to Foster Innovation

The best strategy I can recommend is a ground-up technology implementation. By having all aspects of our business sharing the same platform or experience, it creates efficiencies and innovation where none might have been found previously. I would argue that innovations and resulting implementation in the supply chain lead straight to the bottom line. I would also suggest better utilization of ecommerce for additional sales opportunities.

Honestly it was a difficult road at first but I have gained more and more traction over the recent years. The biggest constant is change, and all of our customers are requiring more from us each year. By meeting and exceeding these expectations and by better incorporating research and information into every decision we make, my role only becomes easier and more impactful. I believe the customers are driving the evolution of the role of the CIO within our company.

Nothing I can state here is groundbreaking, but I try and focus and enforce the basics. Things like accuracy before efficiency, consistently demonstrating value and time savings to all applicable employees, cross training, and practice. I am always surprised by what our employee base is capable of, given the right information and training.

Big Challenge in Retail

The biggest challenge I see facing our industry is the ever changing world of retail. With customers constantly requiring more of us as a supplier or vendor, the opportunity exists for us to differentiate ourselves even further amongst our competi­tion. It’s not solely about having the best product any longer, it’s more about what company can offer the most holistic solution to the customer’s needs. Our goal is not only of­fer to the best product, but affordable cost, best design, best supply chain, and best customer service.

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