Cin7: Enterprise Level Inventory and Point-Of-Sale System

CIO VendorDanny Ing, Founder & CEO
The merging of offline and online retail is where the market is heading due to consumers buying behaviors are now increasingly crossing in and out of the two mediums. Traditional retailers are learning quickly how to sell online while online retailers are seeing some advantages of opening outlet stores. Addressing the complexity one needs to have very flexible, responsive, and agile supply chain network to cater to the consumer demands of today. “The big brands and fashion designers have to maintain a very sophisticated supply chain, and manage complex inventory. They need online software which Cin7 provides, to make things easier from the point of manufacture or supplier, to warehouse and point of sale, including bricks and mortar stores and e-commerce channels,” says Danny Ing, Founder, Cin7.

According to Ing, managing the supply chain to cater for a diverse range of consumer buying patterns is the biggest challenge, as finding a single platform that provides a complete solution is next to impossible. “There are many companies available providing solution but their focus is on a single part of the supply chain, whereas in the fashion industry,the nature of supply chain is quite fluid and interconnected. It is all based on real time, what you purchase is a factor of what you can sell and what you can sell is the factor of what you can purchase,” explains Ing.

Cin7 provides accurate real time data to support better decision making and forecasting, is cost effective and able to work across an entire business in one seamless system. This total control over inventory helps decrease the cost of stock and increase sales and profits. It eliminates the hassle out of managing inventory and makes business managers better inventory managers. The company’s solution is used by retail, wholesale and e-commerce businesses and often by organizations operating in two or all of these segments. It can manage inventory in multiple channels, different markets, industries and legal entities, and integrates with other leading companies and software.

Cin7’s tailored POS and inventory under one powerful system is a browser based cloud software system. The solution is fully mobile and can be automatically upgraded and can be used whenever and wherever needed.

Cin7 helps by accurately managing stock levels of products with multiple variations and options, tracking and managing complex supply chains

“There have been cases where the company is managing their supply chain through different modules. Cin7 helps by accurately managing stock levels of products with multiple variations and options, tracking and managing complex supply chains on a tight margin and seamlessly integrating a bricks and mortar store with point of sale and online e-commerce channels,” adds Ing. Integrating Cin7 with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify or Magento provides the combined advantages of operating together hence, eliminating double data entry, never selling products that aren’t available, improving customer satisfaction, increasing speed of delivery and gaining constant visibility across an entire business. B2B purchasing is made faster and easier using Cin7's B2B color size grid.

Sister Jane, a London based fashion company is famous for releasing new line campaign every few months. And during the initial days the brand saw a sudden turn around as the business started to grow from providing wholesale to opening a retail store. They wanted a single platform to control their inventory because business was booming. Cin7 provided them with the appropriate solution, which was easy to use and pocket friendly, including features like key-in order from website/or wholesales with a proper online stock viewer which resulted in more online sales. Providing the apt solutions with fashion in its mind for their customers is what makes Cin7 stand out of the crowd.

For the road ahead the company is looking to integrate with big retailers globally as fashion is same everywhere. “We will continue to serve our customers with innovative solutions that will make their business a runaway hit,” concludes Ing.


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Danny Ing, Founder & CEO

Provides a software platform that manages multi-channel inventory in one seamless system, with real-time integrations into other best of breed software and companies.

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