Gerber Technology: Automated Product Design and Transparent Manufacturing Processes

CIO VendorMichael Elia, President & Chief Executive Officer
An idea or concept marks the beginning of any innovative design—the first phase of the textile or apparel value chain. A textile designer conceptualizing on material or color can derive the expressive inspiration from sources as diverse as a painting or a landscape. “At Gerber, we address the virtual and the physical side of our customer’s business to ensure that these ideas are translated into reality,” says Michael Elia, President and CEO, Gerber Technology. Headquartered in Tolland, CT, Gerber Technology provides automation solutions to textile and apparel markets with PLM, PDM, CAD/CAM, software and hardware that significantly improves time to market for the customers.

The apparel and textile industry is wrought with complexities since it interacts with multiple sections of people. The CTOs have to manage the workflows and processes to ensure visibility and collaboration to all players. “Our products and software systems help in building the integration required to connect with our customers’ businesses right from product design, to successfully developing, manufacturing and merchandising their products,” affirms Elia.

Gerber’s products incorporate the information flow and ensure that the file structures are designed appropriately for information exchange throughout the eco system. The company’s YuniquePLM system takes control of the product development process, capturing all the necessary data right from the designing stage. “Having the right file structures ensures the right data can be leveraged to drive the decision making process,” states Elia. Yunique PLM’s easy-to-use system is designed specifically for the fashion industry to manage images, tech packs, quotations, bids, communicate with suppliers, pre-concept lines and materials, and organize and track samples and production schedules. “The YuniquePLM software also integrates data into the ERP system and supply chain to ensure process transparency,” adds Elia.

One of Gerber’s significant products, GERBERConnect™, is a cloud-based solution, which enables customers to improve the productivity of their cutters and other equipment. By understanding the number of cut parts produced by the cutter on a daily basis, the upstream forecast in terms of yield, sales and the impact on delivery can be predicted.
Visibility and transparency are very critical in the global collaboration that is taking place across countries. For example, an aesthetic design may inspire a designer who is traveling. The designer can use the YuSnap PLM app from Yunique to automatically upload the image into the material database that resides in their PLM system. The team back in New York City can view the design in real-time and transfer it into a fabric. The pattern making is completed through the integration of YuniquePLM and AccuMark—Gerber’s pattern design and nesting software that greatly reduces production costs and shortens development time.

Beginning in the spring, designers can utilize the 3D virtual imaging software, where the pieces are sewn together to create the garment and draped over a 3D virtual model to get the real life effect with added animation. The file can be uploaded and sent back to the designer to cross check on the visualized design. The YuniquePLM vendor portal can then relay the details to a manufacturer based anywhere across the world to view and download all the visual elements. “The design process which usually lasts for weeks and months gets completed in a few days,” says Elia.

Gerber serves 25,000 customers, including more than 100 Fortune 500 companies. The company’s differentiating factor lies in their commitment towards technological innovations and helping customers to implement solutions for better results.

Our products and software systems help in building the integration that is needed to connect with our customer’s business

Elia opines that in addition to cloud-based systems, 3D tech will continue to dominate across the value chain both on the designing and merchandizing side. “We will play a big role in this industry since we fully understand that driving time to market and process efficiencies are crucial in this sector,” concludes Elia.

Gerber Technology

Tolland, CT

Michael Elia, President & Chief Executive Officer

Provides sophisticated hardware and software systems to automate product design and manufacturing processes for textile and apparel sector