Cin7: The New Way of Managing a Fashion Business

Danny Ing, Founder
E-commerce sites have become a primary focus for the fashion industry. Several market disruptions such as mobile shopping, easy access to data, and social media, have changed customers’ purchasing behaviors, which in turn has brought about many new sales and distribution channels. “Fashion retailers and wholesalers often struggle to manage their inventory across these incredibly complex channels,” says Cin7 founder Danny Ing. To overcome these issues and future-proof their businesses, the industry turns to Cin7, a Cloud Inventory, Point of Sale (POS), and Supply Chain software company, which seamlessly integrates with clients’ accounting packages, and connects their multiple sales and supply channels, addressing all industry needs.

Cin7’s focus is to bring a scalable, customer-centric approach to the fashion world. “Our vision is to automate 80 percent of our fashion businesses’ inventory and supply chain management, and make the other 20 percent a painless experience,” Ing says. That vision led Cin7 to develop a fully integrated solution, helping those in the fashion industry track pre-orders and deliver the end-product in the simplest, most efficient way.

Working with the fashion industry, Cin7 has set out solutions to solve modern, omni-channel problems businesses are facing. “We deliver an all-in-one system that provides retailers and wholesalers the control required to manage an omni-channel, omni-fulfillment, multi-national operation,” Ing says.

Specialized in developing core software, Cin7 plans to lead the Cloud Inventory and POS market by developing its offerings with more features, such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for the smart fashion business. With Cin7’s EDI, users are able to connect to some of the largest retailers around the world. “Customers, using these integrations, easily operate their core processes from one central point, giving them a huge competitive advantage,” Ing articulates.

One of the biggest shifts the fashion industry has experienced is the rising use of Third-Party Logistics (3PL), and subsequently, the growing need for these providers.

We deliver an all-in-one system that provides retailers and wholesalers the control required to manage an omni-channel, omni-fulfillment, multi-national operation

“We enable our customers to serve the global market, by giving them the capability to fulfill orders with multiple 3PL providers in different countries,” Ing explains.

Spread across the globe, Cin7 has developed a simple product to cost-effectively manage fashion businesses’ requirements. It is easier today for small fashion companies to set up a brand and outsource to other parts of the world. Cin7 provides the software to seamlessly manage the entire production line on a global scale.

In one instance, Cin7 worked with fashion retailer Pigeonhole, which was losing profit, and helped it to increase its sales by reducing its inventory and POS issues. Pigeonhole has grown to encompass 11 stores, a wholesale business and production office. Its retail floor staff faced difficulty in processing transactions efficiently, leading to a drop in profit due to lost sales and staff time spent addressing the issues. Pigeonhole was on a lookout for an all-in-one solution. After evaluating a number of options, the company chose Cin7, which enabled its staff to manage its inventory and draw insights, regardless of their location. Cin7 also helped Pigeonhole manage faster access to critical information, enabling it to make better decisions for the business. “Our short-term plan for the future is to launch our 3PL and EDI built-in integration platform and also increase our clientele in both the US and UK,” Ing concludes.


Auckland, NZ

Danny Ing, Founder

Provider of inventory, point of sale and supply chain software for the fashion retailers and wholesalers

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