Elastic Suite: Building an Elegant B2B Solution

Josh Reddin, CEO
A wide range of challenges from the frequently varying fashion trends to highly seasonal buying has always made textile a tough market to operate in. Creating a brand image lies in portraying products in an easily navigable and immersive way leading through quick and simple checkout processes. Denver, Colorado based Elastic Suite, a pioneer in B2B sales solution, addresses the needs of key retail brands by providing a merchandising and order entry platform to showcase their products and manage the clothing inventories through customized web-based management. Piling up all the B2B efforts in one place, Elastic Suite creates a unique platform that is tailored to the brand’s business practices, resulting in saving resources and budget.

Elastic suite supports textile and apparel industry by providing digital tools to both manufacturers and retailers alike, essentially replacing the old print catalogues with digital formats. The key features include a Digital Catalog Builder, Online Order Entry with live ATS (Alternative Trading System) and ERP integration, Assortment Planning and White Boarding tools. Elastic, the application, an online browser-based tool is known to be the mothership of the Elastic suite. It incorporates the trademark sorting ability and a simple collaborative tool “White Boarding” for better internal merchandising and enhanced sales presentations to serve more segmented markets. Elastic suite influences the creation of Segmented Sales Strategies through its Assortment builder—a cross-platform with an inbuilt Content Management System—which works on both PC and Mac Operating System. It allows users to assort products by gender, category, item, line type and also works offline. Custom assortments create pre-defined sales programs or packages that fit into buyers specific needs thereby resulting in optimum brand representation and sales success. Quick Add showcases brands in a customizable layout which buyers find comfortable to access what they want and from there the process continues whether to add quantities, commit to purchase, remove or rethink. The company’s solutions help textile retailers to adopt disruptive behavioral changes in the realm of print reduction, segmented selling and assortment planning, all the while gaining new efficiencies due to successful ERP integration.

Gone are the days of sales reps using cumbersome sales catalogs and printed order forms

“Gone are the days of sales reps using cumbersome sales catalogs and printed order forms,” says Josh Reddin, CEO, Elastic Suite. The digitization of today’s marketplace is touching virtually every industry. The firm’s B2B solution completely digitizes the sales process, allowing merchandising teams to assort their product line, view the products on the retail floor, and collaborate internally. For the sales reps, it becomes easier to be familiar with the new product lines, sales forecasts for the upcoming seasons and serve more segmented markets.

Elastic Suite’s long standing clients include The North Face (TNF), Hurley, Oakley, and Spyder. Spyder has leveraged Elastic Suite to provide a 3D visualization of their high resolution product images. In terms of ease-of-use and value to the clients, Spyder’s IT team integrated their ERP systems thereby taking the business to the next level by providing insightful cues. “Together we have created the most compelling B2B platform on the market,” says Kevin Smith, CIO, Spyder.

Elastic Suite aims to develop strategies and new business models to assert themselves with the leading brands. Their long term vision is to bring tangible efficiency for retail brands, providing a 360 degree solution for customer experience and to generate a true ROI, by eliminating the costs of printing and shipping paper product workbooks.

Elastic Suite

Denver, CO

Josh Reddin, CEO

Provides a complete eCatalog, merchandising and order entry platform for retail brands to showcase their products

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