Gerber Technology: Helping Fashion and Apparel Brands Gain Competitive Edge

Michael Elia, CEO
In the late 70s, when textile industry integration and global manufacturing for fiber products began, Gerber Technology led up the development of software and automation solutions to improve industry’s manufacturing and design processes. Meticulously designed product solutions by the company address some of the biggest concerns in the textiles industry, for e.g. labor cost, fabric savings, eliminating steps involved in producing a job, and quick turnaround demands of consumers. Gerber’s line of products include the AccuMark family, YuniquePLM, suite of cutters, Virtek LaserQC and many other that help market products get smarter, faster and better.

Today, consumers demand for low-priced, high-quality goods shipped to their doorstep within days, out-doing the conventional manufacturing business model. The need complicates the matter further for what has been a labor-intensive and time-consuming industry since ages. Putting-into-effect, Gerber Technology, offers automation solutions for the apparel and industrial markets as they need to quickly adapt to the latest trends and respond promptly. Gerber’s AccuMark, a next-gen pattern design system comes with AccuMark, AccuMark 3D, and AccuPlan to increase productivity and accelerate time to market. ‘AccuMark’ supports the digital design, improves production workflows in association with ‘AccuMark 3D’—a powerful tool to visualize designs in 3D, and ‘Accuplan’— fully integrated spread and cut planning solution with reports generation ability. The uniquely assembled sophisticated and evolutionary products empower AccuMark users in better pattern design, enhanced productivity and color matching capabilities for fabric printing.

“We have invested to broaden our product offerings and expand our global reach to provide customers with automation solutions that reduce their time and expense to market,” says Michael Elia, CEO of Gerber Technology.

Advancing in years, all along the development and production process, Gerber has brought communication and quality control to a more collaborative point. YuniquePLM, yet another highly integrated Design Suite joins with AccuMark family in the cloud and easily communicate design details and information using new set of tools.

We have invested to broaden our product offerings and expand our global reach to provide customers with automation solutions that reduce their time and expense to market

Besides eliminating the possibility of human error in data reentry, this seamless integration allows users to save files in both the systems and readily transfer the image and information databases from one system to the other. Moreover, for an accelerated pattern development process, Bills of Material (BOMs) can be created in AccuMark and saved to YuniquePLM. To bring to light, almost all the company’s broad range of products in technical textile is a combined effort of Gerber Technology and Virtek Vision International; provider of laser-based manufacturing. In fact, they can be regarded as warp and woof of today’s textile industry.

In one instance, a Tennessee-based Company ‘Valley Apparel’ came up with a situation about data entry process, large no. of orders, and it knocked the doors of Gerber Technology seeking a way out. The company—manufacturer of parkas and flame-retardant outerwear for U.S. military personnel—was struggling with errors in data entry and matching with large orders demands. In an answer to market trends and quick turnaround for its client, Gerber suggested AccuMark software to automate the complete process, which enabled the team to re-capture manhours, also improving the material utilization.

Gerber Technology draws a rich history of innovation that has helped customers to reach their optimum. The company pioneers in bringing computerized solutions to factory automation that are simple to use, accurate and very productive, and easy to integrate with other systems and workflows. Certainly, innovation is the motive power in Gerber's continuous evolution as the one of the market leader in factory automation.

Gerber Technology

Tolland, CT

Michael Elia, CEO

The company develops and manufactures software and hardware automation systems to improve the efficiency for product design and development processes